Wi-Fi validation: a must after installation

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Have you ever wondered why it's so important to validate your Wi-Fi after installation? Well, let me explain to you why validating your wireless network can be an absolute gamechanger and how you can do it, for example, with the help of the powerful tool Ekahau.

So, you've just set up a brand new Wi-Fi network and you're ready to experience the wonders of wireless Internet. That's great! But stop for a moment and consider whether your Wi-Fi is really working as effectively and reliably as it should. This is where Wi-Fi validation comes in.

Why is validating your Wi-Fi so recommended? Well, first of all, insufficient performance of a Wi-Fi can lead to slower connections, weak signals and even disconnections. For example, if you work in an office building where many users are using the Wi-Fi at the same time, insufficient validation can lead to a congested network environment. However, a slow connection can also be caused by too many access points. Here, it is important to find the right balance between too many and too few access points.

Wi-Fi validation ensures optimal network performance by identifying problems such as signal strength, frequency overlap and interference. Detecting and fixing these problems early can ensure that the Wi-Fi provides a reliable, stable and fast connection.

Now the question is: How do we validate a Wi-Fi? Ekahau is an industry-leading tool that allows you to comprehensively validate and optimize your Wi-Fi. With Ekahau, you can visualize the signal coverage of your Wi-Fi, identify channel overlaps and perform a comprehensive analysis of network performance.

To validate your Wi-Fi with Ekahau, you must first perform a Wi-Fi site survey. This collects data on signal strength, interference and channel usage. Ekahau provides tools that allow you to effectively analyze the environment. For example, you can create heat maps to visually display signal coverage, or use spectrum analysis to detect spurious interference.

Once you've completed your Wi-Fi site survey with Ekahau, you can use the collected data to make optimizations. You can reposition your access points to improve signal strength, optimize channels to avoid overlap, and take appropriate measures to minimize interference. You may also need to disable access points or individual radios.

Validating your Wi-Fi with Ekahau is a critical step in ensuring that your network runs smoothly and meets the needs of your users. A well-validated Wi-Fi offers improved connectivity, faster data transfers, and a better user experience overall.

So, if you have set up a Wi-Fi or plan to do so in the near future, remember to validate your network after installation. And if you are looking for a powerful partner to perform your validation, we are definitely the right choice.

Together, let's make sure your Wi-Fi is performing at its best and you can enjoy a seamless Internet experience. An independent Wi-Fi validation with WLAN Manufaktur is the key! Of course, in addition to the service, we also offer appropriate training.

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