WLAN AP on a Stick - APoS Survey Set

Wi-Fi AP on a Stick - APoS Survey Set

The classic AP on a Stick Wi-Fi surveys are becoming fewer and fewer, but there are challenges that cannot be overcome by simulation. That's why we still regularly travel the world and have to transport our hardware.

This is a new challenge every time we travel. Especially when it comes to longer journeys. As we are active worldwide, we have adapted a Peli case.

APoS Site Survey Kit

Our case is a Peli 1745 Air Lang, currently still with self-cut foam.

The case contains the following:

We store our complete AP on a Stick set in this case and can charge the batteries quickly. The hardware can be transported safely thanks to the sturdy case with corresponding structure.

With dimensions of 118.6cm x 49.2cm x 22.2cm and a weight of approx. 23-25kg depending on the contents, the hardware can be sent to the customer in advance with a DHL package of 31.5 kg for currently 19.99€ in Germany. Time-consuming transportation by car / train or plane with high additional costs on the plane are therefore a thing of the past.

If you need a corresponding solution, please send us a short message.

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