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Wi-Fi - Design & Plan

Wi-Fi - Design & Plan

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In this workshop, administrators learn what is important in a good Wi-Fi design and why it cannot be free of charge.

There are still customers who expect the service provider to offer a Wi-Fi design for free. Fortunately, a good design costs time, requires training and saves the customer money.

We explain what makes a good Wi-Fi design, how it is implemented and how you can control it.

A lot starts with a simple question about the LCC, least capable client. For which end device is the Wi-Fi actually planned?

What requirements do I have to meet for the different clients? As already explained in the basics of Wi-Fi - Zero to Hero training, less is more. But too little is still too little. The perfect number and configuration of access points is crucial for a stable Wi-Fi that meets the requirements.

We recommend the previous participation in our Wi-Fi - Zero to Hero Training to learn the supposedly simple basics of Wi-Fi. This knowledge is the basis on which this workshop is built.

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