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Wi-Fi - simply secure

Wi-Fi - simply secure

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In this workshop, administrators will learn how to easily implement a secure Wi-Fi.

We will explain the different possibilities of Wi-Fi security and their weak points in a practical way. Starting with WEP, WPA TKIP PSK over WPA II AES EAP-PEAP up to WPA3 - SAE.

What is behind these abbreviations and what do they mean. But most importantly, how can I use them and what should I use.

We will learn how easy it is to crack a PSK and what the consequences are.But also on which much easier ways a PSK can get into wrong hands.But the most important knowledge will be how I can implement and manage a secure Wi-Fi with in a few minutes according to the 80 / 20 rule.

This workshop has a very strong hands-on focus. In the morning we will have some slides and before noon we will start with the first labs.

Those who want can also implement the labs in their own environment. We use the free AWS contingent for this. GCP or Azure are certainly also possible. The only thing you need is an access point for the labs.

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