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WLAN Klassentreffen

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We can send you a quote using the form at the end or by email to welcome@wlan-manufaktur.com and enable payment on account. This is an advantage for us when planning the training sessions.

Let's talk about the future of Mobility


The WLAN Klassentreffen is an event by technicians for technicians. We don't want to create another marketing event, but a technical oriented event.You have a topic that interests you, you would like to share this information? Here you have the possibility.We are always looking for new exciting presentations.

We are interested in an exciting exchange before, during and after the event. That's why we also recommend the optional arrival the day before. Nothing beats a drink before the event. For the participants of the training the costs for the overnight stay are already included in the price. The overnight stay can be booked directly through the hotel or through us.

We want to help eliminate the language barrier and offer an event in Germany in German. This should help us all to focus more on the content and spend less energy on the translation or the exact meaning of the phrase.

Our event is running in German language only!

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